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terça-feira, 10 de março de 2009

Comédia Musical - 3

Na rubrica de hoje serão apresentadas algumas obras de W. A. Mozart de teor cómico, divertido ou satírico:

01. Freundin! Ich Komm' Mit Den Zither (Trio) [Schreier,Prey,Berry]
02. Caro Mio Druck und Schluck, K.571a (Quartet) [Koth,Prey,Berry,Schreier]
03. Stille! Stille! Leise Still! (Trio) [Prey,Schreier,Berry]
04. Difficile Lectu Mihi Mars, K.559 (Canon)
05. Das Gestorte Standchen, K.441c (Trio) [Schreier,Prey,Berry]
06. Verwigt Gluht Hier Her und Sinn (Trio) [Schreier,Prey,Berry]
07. Auf Das Wohl Aller Freunde, K.508, & Heiterkeit und Leichtes Blut, K.507 (Canons)
08. Die Singstunde, K.441C (Trio) [Schreier,Prey,Berry]
09. Lieber Freistadtler, K.232 (Canon)
10. Die Nacht ist Finster, K.441B (Trio) [Schreier,Prey,Berry]
11. Bandlerterzett, K.441 (Trio) [Koth,Shreier,Berry]
12. O du eselhafter Martin, K.560 (Canon)
13. Bruder, lasst uns lustig sein (Song) from Zaide, K.344 (Schreier)
14. Nun, liebes Weibchen, K.592a (Duet) fro "Der Stein des Weisen" (Koth,Berry)
15. Gehn ma in 'ln Prada, K.558
16. Wer hungrig bei der Tafel sitzt (Song) from "Zaide," K322 (Berry)
17. Essen un Trinken, K.234 (Canon)
18. Warnung, K.443 (Song) [Berry]
19. Bona nox, bist a rechta Ox, K.561 (Canon)

O álbum chama-se THE COMIC MOZART-Satirical Ensembles, Arias and Canons.
Aqui fica o texto (em inglês) contido neste álbum:
Always disposed to a good jest, Mozart composed several opera-minutes for his intimate circle of friends. Exuberant verses came to him easily, and the accompanying melodies flowed still more readily from his pen, especially in the first years of his marriage to Konstanze Weber. And so came into being the six comic trios of 1782 and 1783 here recorded for the very first time. They are interspersed with other entertaining vocal cannons, songs and ensembles. Some of which are fairly well-known -- especially the Bandlerterzett, an explicit bit of musical autobiography.
The six trios mentioned were unearthed by the Berlin scholar Traugott Fedtke in the Vienna National-Bibliothek, which possesses the manuscripts of individual voice parts only. All are parody serenades, sung by the two higher voices (tenor and baritone), overlaid by a contraputally cantankerous bass part. Mozart wrote out only the voice lines, presumably improvising an accompaniment himself. It was thought fitting to orchestrate these scores for modern performance in Mozartean instrumental style; nothing could be more dull and misleading than to perform the bare voice parts in the name of scientific authenticity. In Mozart's household, and in the circle of his friends and students, it is certain that there was much impromptu music-making, with a degree of improvisation that is unknown in our time.
The Viennese composer Karl Pilss, because of his well-founded knowledge of Mozart style and his artistic responsibility, was commissioned to complete and orchestrate these humorous pieces in the manner of the serenades.
May this music of Mozart in his most prankish vein be received in the spirit which inspired it for the pleasure of Mozart's wife and friends; the hearty good cheer of social recreation.

As interpretações estão a cabo de:
Convivium Musicum of Munich
Erich Keller, maestro
Vienna Akademie Kammerchor
Xaver Mayer, maestro

Erika Koth, Peter Schreier, Hermann Prey, Walter Berry.

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